New Chrysler Airflow 2024 Electric, Model, Specs

New Chrysler Airflow 2024 Electric, Model, Specs – As part of Chrysler’s transition to producing only fully electric vehicles, the 2024 Chrysler Airflow will be the first of three new electric automobiles that the company aims to create. Late in the year 2024, it will be introduced as a model for the year 2025, bringing back the name of a vehicle that was manufactured 90 years ago but is no longer produced.

The Airflow is a low-riding crossover that was constructed on the new Stellantis electric vehicle design. It has seating for four people and a cutting-edge cabin that includes separate screens for each passenger, cameras in each seat for video calling, and integration of artificial intelligence.

The Airflow is equipped with a dual-motor electric powertrain and a brand new 118 kWh battery pack, all of which contribute to the vehicle’s technically impressive range of 350-400 miles per charge. To compete with high-end manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, the car will be able to drive itself at Level 3 and will get updates wirelessly over the air.

2024 Chrysler Airflow Redesign
2024 Chrysler Airflow Redesign


In 2024, Stellaris intends to add a wholly redesigned Chrysler Airflow 2024 to its vast lineup of electric automobiles. This vehicle will be produced by Stellaris. The name “Airflow” has already been submitted for registration as a trademark by the corporation. The name of this car was taken from a well-known Chrysler model from the 1930s.

We don’t know anything about the Airflow’s different configurations or trim levels yet, but we expect that there will be both single-motor and dual-motor options.

2024 Chrysler Airflow Interior
2024 Chrysler Airflow Interior

Interior Design

In the Chrysler Airflow 2024 concept, there are only four seats, but there is a reasonable probability that the production model may have a rear bench seat. The interior provides the impression of openness and lightness thanks to the glass roof and other contemporary design elements. Even though Chrysler has not released the measurements of the trunk, it seems to have enough room to accommodate a number of different goods.

The Airflow design incorporates a variety of screens, including displays for the driver and front passenger, a show for the infotainment system in the middle of the dashboard, and presentations for the rear seat passengers. Chrysler says that the new software interface that these displays use makes it possible for software updates to be downloaded and installed wirelessly over the air.

Engine Performance

The Airflow Concept Car’s front and rear axles each contain an electric motor and generator fitted by the manufacturer. Although there is no information available about their combined output at this time, both of them independently produces 201 horsepower. All-wheel drive is an upgrade that can be added to this dual-motor design. The base model will probably have a single motor with either front- or rear-wheel drive.

According to Chrysler, the battery pack in the AirFlow has a capacity of 118.0 kWh, which gives it the ability to go between 350 and 400 miles on a single charge. This puts it on par with the electric vehicles now available on the market that have the most extended range, such as those manufactured by Ford and Tesla.

In the not-too-distant future, we want to put the Airflow through our real-world highway range test at 75 mph, and as additional information becomes available to us, we will continue to provide EPA range estimates for this section.

2024 Chrysler Airflow Price
2024 Chrysler Airflow Price

Release Date and Price

The Chrysler Airflow 2024 will be introduced as a new model for the car manufacturer and will compete with vehicles such as the Mercedes EQE SUV when it goes on sale in 2024. At first glance, the design of the Airflow Concept that was shown off at CES 2024 seems to be quite close to being ready for production. The price hasn’t been announced yet, but considering how much the cost of electric cars has gone down over the past few years, a starting price of $40,000 isn’t out of the question.

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